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Art school in Liepāja city

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Art school in Liepāja city
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New building of Liepāja Secondary School of Music, Art and Design
Laconic but charming The new building of Liepāja Secondary School of Music, Art and Design, is a good example of how close work between architects and teachers, can end not only in functional but also creative design for a new building in which new students can achieve their academic and artistic goals. 
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Alejas iela 18/20
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European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Specific objection No. 8.1.3.: To increase number of fully modernised vocational education institutions, the project “Modernization of Vocational Cultural Education Learning Infrastructure of “The Centre of Competency Based Professional Education “Liepaja Music, Art and Design Secondary School”’.

Implementation period: 03/-7/2017 – 31/12/2021

Please provide a summary of your project
The building is located in the centre of Liepāja city, which is situated in the west of Latvia by the Baltic sea. Surrounding environment consisted of existing buildings of the school, residential buildings and a park. It has two stories above ground and one is bellow. The total area of the first phase building is 1407.2 square meters, and the total landscaped area is about 700 square meters. Building materials used- reinforced concrete, Kingspan wall panels and metal sheets for facade. All the utilities including water, heating etc. have been connected to city's main utility grids.
Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of sustainability and how these have been met
The main goal for the design team regarding sustainability was to create design as functional as possible since we as architects believe that the key to sustainability is functionality. There were a lot of problems to solve regarding the limited construction budget and existing building regulations. Since the building site was very limited due to its size, but things that needed to be provided for successful learning process of students were a lot, the design team worked closely with the staff of the school regarding the planning of the building and site, to provide the most of possibilities in limited area. Since the opening of the school there have been great reviews by the students who had the opportunity to use the facility especially regarding the rationality of layout.
Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these have been met
The most important objective of the project, was to create modern yet laconic design, which would not take away the qualities from the surrounding environment. The existing building of Liepāja Secondary School of Music, Art and Design was build from red clay bricks, so the main objective was to find correct materials which would be in sync with existing, but also not just copying them, so COR TEN facade panels were chosen to complete this task. It is the first building in the city which has this material applied to the facade, so it was considered innovative by local authorities. Yet since it was a school for students who are studying arts there was a need for a detail which would define the building as a place where the main function is creativity, so a light blue "wave" was added to the main entrance of the building, also with the reference of the Baltic sea, by which the city of Liepāja is located.
Please give information about the key objectives of your project in terms of inclusion and how these have been met
Since achieving accessibility is one of the most important goals of todays society, it was also carefully implemented in this design. All the floors are connected with an elevator, which provides accessibility between different floors of the building. The layout of the school and all the markings provide great ease of access to all students. The main construction guaranteeing accessibility, is the bridge located in the backyard of the school, not only it is functional but also aesthetic.
Please give information on the results/impacts achieved by your project in relation to the category you apply for
The close work between architects, teachers and students of the school, has resulted in a great building where students, can achieve their academic aspirations through good functionality of the building. This has been achieved by simple construction principles, with wall panels, who guarantee a great warmth absorption. The building meets Latvian standart for energy efficiency, which was hard to achieve considering the limited budget of construction.
Please explain the way citizens benefiting from or affected by the project and civil society have been involved in the project and what has been the impact of this involvement on the project
The whole region benefits from the fact, that right now in Liepāja city there is a modern place where to study wood carving, jewellry, architecture and different types of other artistic directions, in a building which lives up to 21st century standarts. And although there are other city's in country where to study the same things, at least now Liepāja will be considered as well.
Please highlight the innovative character of the project
Innovations came through limitations of construction budget and visual aspirations. The main goal was to design and build a school building which upholds great functionality with good design in a limited space. The materials used in this building are not expensive, but with good attention to details and great craftsmanship by construction workers, it greatly exceeds what was expected considering the low budget and rising construction prices. The building has received shared 1st prize award as best public building of 2021. 
Please explain how the project led to results or learnings which could be transferred to other interested parties
The biggest takeaway from this project, is that you can achieve great functional results as well as aesthetical ones, with out sacrificing anything due to limited budget and space.
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