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BioBakery Sustainable Facility

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Buildings renovated in a spirit of circularity
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BioBakery Sustainable Facility
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Local renovation following global sustainability goals
Dating back to perhaps 18th century, this site has seen many interventions, that didnt really help. Now its time to give it a sustainable future with high social impact with lowest environmental impact possible. 
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okres Příbram, Středočeský kraj
Osečany 66
264 01
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BioBakery Zemanka, that is the client, had based its key values and principles on organic agriculture and production. It is introducing circular economy practice intro its operations and products, expanding these in the future. The concept was then to embody these values and principles into its re-newed relocation, into a historic agricultural site, that is the very heart of a picturesques village. The brief was to design a high-tech facility that goes hand-in-hand with tradition and heritage. 
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of sustainability and how these would be met
The sustainability strategy principles were apecified accorcing to lifecycle: Design refurbishment of existing buildings reuse of existing material minimalisation of introduced material local resources bio-based material circular materials recycled material Operations minimalisation of opeartion demands Smart energy management of the premises and buildiungs zero-waste operations  smart water management Biodiversity and local production Fully running on renewable resources New circular business models were used (i.e.product as a service) Social sustainability - local employment, events, collaboration with public sector Designed for deconstruction The main production building construction - locally resourced wood, Design for disassembly principles. 
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these would be met
One of the challenges here was to integrate a state-of-the-art-high-tech solution in a historical heritage preservation site. All the technology was hidden from first sight, yet it was made visible in the interior as a showcase. The aesthetics takes from historical site and materiality. Also the public space garden promoting biodiversity and local production. 
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of inclusion and how these would be been met
As the project site is open to public and in the centre of the village it generates inclusion opportunities. The design was discussed with the locals and synergies were made within broader area of interest.  Also the inclusion through local employment opportunities is worth mentioning. 
Please explain the innovative character of your concept/ idea
The innovation in this project is not technical only. It is also a proof, that such historical brownfields can be adapted with beauty, function and sustainability in mind. In contast to newly mushrooming industial zones nearby towns and cities, that are completely secluded areas, taking up much of land. 
Please detail the plans you have for the further development, promotion and/or implementation of your concept/idea, with a particular attention to the initiatives to be taken before May 2022
The project was due to unforeseen circumstances postponed and now a new location might be sought after, under the same principles.
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