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Venice Climate Change Pavilion

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Venice Climate Change Pavilion
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Urban Diffuse Pavilion Materializing Climate Change Data in Venice Lagoon
What happens if you can see the pollution you breathe in this exact moment while you are smiling on the Grand Canal? This project materialize climate change data layer of our cities through beauty. Raising awareness through an innovative tool for everybody means to create a common awareness for the cities of the future. The project is born from the city of beauty, Venice, because everyone need to be able to feel, see and experience the beauty to be part of the change to save it.
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Santa Croce 637
45°26'23"28 N
12°19'54"84 E
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"It follows that the task of art is the saving of the other. The saving of beauty is the saving of the other… Beauty as that which is wholly other suspends the violence of time". “Saving Beauty”,Byung Chul-Han Venice is a city which embodies how beauty can co-habit and embody liquidity. Though, it is extremely endangered by climate change effects and mass tourism. The importance of pedagogy, of making visible the fragility and the necessity to protect the frale balance of the city, is a fundamental step to start protecting it. The entire city,is our pavilion that we live everyday as citiziens and human beings, as part of the Lagoon’s ecosystem. That’s why 3 prototypes are digital artwork available everywhere and anytime with an horizontal access. Every prototype tells a fragility of Venice, through climate-change data and indicators. These AR artworks are born for and from Venice, to raise awareness about the beauty and the fragility of the city, and to create future landscapes of care. This project is born from the architecture, urbanism, data science, street art, augmented reality, spatial anthropology Because you feel you belong there, you are part of the genius loci. And the beauty of the place becomes part of you. And the beauty that the place gives to you in the form of heritage,sustainability,memory,history,culture,becomes part of what we are.  So this project is born because of that. To make invisible layers visible for everyone, as an awareness tool so we can be part of the future solutions to common emergency as climate change to save beauty, intended as the highest sense of what makes us human beings after such pandemic times. If you give people the instruments to SEE and UNDERSTAND the layers of the beauty they belong to, then AWARENESS and sense of BELONGING start. Because if we save Venice, we save Beauty.And if we save Beauty, we save our future others and the world.
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of sustainability and how these would be met
"What can we as architects do for the world to come? ...We can use the most eco-friendly materials,.., but if we do not get used to thinking with a sustainability mindset, building the greenest house would not make the slightest difference, because inside we will still be irresponsible consumers.We must intervene with a new way of thinking, one born today for the world of tomorrow." Michele De Lucchi Starting from these three pillars: CREATION OF SUSTAINABILITY MINDSET, DATA VISUALIZATION AND BEAUTY, we find "Venice Climate Change Pavilion" project. HOW TO MAKE CLIMATE CHANGE DATA VISIBLE THROUGH A NEW AESTHETIC? The project shows through an innovative and horizontal approach & new aesthetic the impact of climate change we live in our urban environments, to create a common awareness of the entity of the diagrams that climate reports shows. This project is an interdisciplinary tool which gives to people awareness about the importance of sustainability, climate change emergency, and the green deal data.By giving to the people the tools to SEE the hidden data of the environment they live in, there AWARENESS starts. And from awareness, comes the sense of belonging and so new LANDSCAPES OF CARE, on which buildind the cities of the future. HOW TO HAVE A SUSTAINABLE AND HORIZONTAL ACCESS TO CLIMATE CHANGE DIAGRAMS? The project runs on CREATING virtual architectures based on climate change numbers which appears in the AR Augmented Reality devices. The result is an unexpected use of AR as pedagogical radical tools, which can reach anybody by just using a smartphone or a tablet. The high "mediatic" impact of the project is paradoxally very low in terms of CO2 and energy consumption, by using solar servers who manage the AR creation. By managing the statistics of users is possible to compensate also the CO2 by creating a digital circular economy were the use of AR is compensated through supporting tree-planting or soil preservation. 
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these would be met
THE PEDAGOGY OF BEAUTY From the latest epigenetic and neurological studies*, our memory and our way to acknowledge new information, and their permanence in our memory is deeply linked to emotions: in the specific, to positive emotions, such as comfort, beauty, wonder. Let's say, if an information is intrinsic in a beautiful frame, our brain will stock the data for longer time and in a better way. That is why a first necessary step is pedagogy. The urgency to get awareness about the climate change’s effect is more than ever necessary in Venice as a city which is symbol of beauty and mirror of endangered fragility.The numbers are evident and scary, that’s why it is necessary to think new approaches to make these numbers visible..and beautiful. Because from a new type of aesthetic starts a new perception of the problem. The pedagogy of beauty of Venice Climate Change Pavilion follows this equation: How to make people aware of climate change data? + Lack of beauty and need of new languages/aesthetics = -link beauty to sensitive data of climate change -LINKING BEAUTY TO DATA VISUALIZATION AND AWARENESS -HORIZONTAL ACCESS AND EASY ACCESS TO THE PEDAGOGY OF BEAUTY -FROM BEAUTY COMES THE NEED OF CARE -FROM PEDAGOGY COMES AWARENESS AND SENSE OF BELONGING -FROM AWARENESS COMES INNOVATION AND CHANGE BEAUTY → AWARENESS → INNOVATION → CHANGE THE DIGITAL MATTER of the project is WORKING AT THE INTERSECTION OF ART, RESEARCH, SCIENCE ,ARCHITECTURE, USING THE GENIUS LOCI OF THE data of the city. This means that the citiziens can play through beautiful digital objects which are at the same time innovative awareness tools. The pedagogy of beauty is a fundamental tool for the people to start seeing and understanding that they are part of the city's ecosystem as citiziens and as human beings, raising the sense of care and awareness.   *source “Emotional short-circuits: the intelligence behind mistakes” | Daniela Lucangeli TEDexMilan 2019
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of inclusion and how these would be been met
“Data are the new urban infrastructure, as water, electricity, transports. Data are essentials to take better decisions, to improve public services, to make better life quality and value the impact of our decisions and policies” Domus Interview 5/3/21,Francesca Bria By starting from the assumption that almost "everyone has a smartphone nowadays", this project is made to be a super-high INCLUSIVE tool. The project is made to communicate a human-centred and positive, tangible experience. Through beautiful digital objects, people are given the tool to see climate data, and so also positive green deal's effect data, and the effect of their daily virtuous sustainaible choices. Is a revolutionary way to link DATA, CLIMATE CHANGE SCIENCE AND NEW MEDIA ART. The digital object can be shared easily, online but also "offline" by making them available in all public spaces by QR CODES, as the pilot project of Venice Climate Change Pavilion (with 300 qr codes in 10 days reached more than 1000 people). This can be the new inclusive tools with which the city communicate with his inhabitants, but also with which European cities are linked between them by their climate fragility (es. coastal environments sensible to high tides emergencies, water scarcities....) From the Venice experience, it is fundamental to create tools that THROUGH PUBLIC SPACES AND HYBRID LANGUAGES INVOLVING CITIZIENS AND "EDUCATING" TOURISTS raise awareness about the importance of common emergencies such climate change and green solution and future choices.Everyone should be able to feel, see and experience the heritage of the city they live in and so the transformation that enhances our quality of life. "It is about bridging the global challenges with the local solutions to achieve our climate targets and support a broader transformation perspective". The project is about communicating that we are all part of the same beauty and we need to save it.  
Please explain the innovative character of your concept/ idea
The project is an innovative and interdisciplinary tool mixing architecture, digital art, data visualization, climate change awareness, radical pedagogy of beauty and sustainability. The main innovative characters are: -AR AS A PEDAGOGICAL TOOL -linking beauty to sensitive climate change data -linking beauty to data visualization, augmented reality technology as tool for awareness -horizontal access and easy access to pedagogy of beauty and city's data -using augmented reality as a pedagogical radical tool means that through beauty people have direct access to climate change data, which will become visible through beautiful digital structures that everybody can access through their smartphone. -this means capillar diffusion of digital artworks/pedagogical tools with high inclusion impact -using augmented reality as a pedagogical tool which uses beauty and playfullness to create a common awareness of GREEN DEAL  -PEDAGOGY THROUGH BEAUTY AND digital INVOLVEMENT -EASY ACCESSIBILITY THROUGH PUBLIC ART AND PUBLIC SPACE -AWARENESS AND HORIZONTAL ACCESS TO CLIMATE DATA (capillar diffusion of pedagogy artwork - DIGITAL PUBLIC SPACES) -HIGH SUSTAINABILITY IMPACT OF THE PROJECT, HIGH DIFFUSION-INCLUSIVITY POTENTIAL To give to people the tool to see data means to give them the opportunity to see, to understand, to raise awareness. Awareness is the starting point of change and innovation towards the building of the identity of the Venice of the future, based on sustainability, and beauty. Least but not last: to create beauty, and to make people's life’s better by sparkling a small glimpse of awareness which make people dream more and open their eyes, to be part of the creation of languages which shapes our world is, in the end, the ultimate dream of an architect. I grew up in a world which was running on systemic errors and i have faith that human beings can start fix the world in a sustainable and fair way. And i dream to be part of this change.
Please detail the plans you have for the further development, promotion and/or implementation of your concept/idea, with a particular attention to the initiatives to be taken before May 2022
The development of the project will be to reach greater research centers and collaborate with them to make the data spread faster and in a capillar way. Each prototype can be expressed toward differents languages, always using public space as main actor of change. Towards posters, public workshops, performances, interviews, round tables, nomadic urbanism tours dedicated to the inhabitants, the city is re-discovered and a network between cultural and research institutions is created. The project is highly flexible and made to be hybridized towards other languages to start the pedagogy of beauty through augmented reality and making it become a urbanistic tool for the cities of the future. Fundamental goals towards 2022: -great involvment of the inhabitants of Venice, -VCCP working as a tool for Venice as Worldwide heritage capital of Sustainability -creation of network of fundations/research centers for the saving of Venice:starting point for a global network which links european cities through critics climate emergencies (raising awareness by creating link bewteen european cities living the same critical issues (ex. coastal cities will have the rising sea level, desertification, water scarcity, ecosystems loss) THE MAIN GOAL OF THE PROJECT IS TO APPLY THE METHOD OF AR (Augmented Reality) TO CREATE VIRTUAL ARCHITECTURES WHICH EMBODIES CLIMATE CHANGE AT DIFFERENT URBAN SCALES AND LINKED TO DIFFERENT CITIES.THIS METHOD CAN BE APPLIED TO A HUGE RANGE OF CLIMATE DATA . THE AIM IS TO CREATE A EUROPEAN NETWORK OPEN SOURCE WHICH USES THE CLIMATE CHANGE DATA (FROM CLIMATE OBSERVATORIES around Europe), WHICH THROUGH AI ALGORITMS CAN TRANSFORM THE DATA INTO VIRTUAL ARCHITECTURES AND AR OBJECTS WICH APPEARS INTO SMARTPHONES AND DEVICES. THE ACCESS TO THE DATA BECOMES EASY AND UNDERSTANDABLE THROUGH AN AESTHETIC THAT EVERYONE CAN EXPERIMENT through a beautiful and sustainable approach.  
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