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Reboot Exhibition&Documentary

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Mobilisation of culture, arts and communities
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Reboot Exhibition&Documentary
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An immersive exhibition and documentary focused on those who are indifferent to the climate crisis.
“We commit to include the indifferent in solving the climate crisis” An immersive exhibition motivated by the urgency of creating a commitment to the environment, by companies, communities and individuals. And, because we recognize that many areas contribute to this balance, or lack of it, we consciously chose to address 5 (five) crucial areas: materials, food, energy, transport and nature. Our documentary attempts to capture the reality of food waste in each part of the supply chain.
Where is your concept/idea being developed or intended to be implemented in the EU?
Rua Dr. José Saraiva, torre 20, 4º C.
38.779471002477166, -9.118827217078685
Please provide a summary of your concept/ idea
Reboot is a Lisbon-based non-profit organization founded by young volunteers between the ages of 21 and 29 on October 29, 2020, whose main mission is to create an united community aimed at restoring a prosperous planet, as well as combating the climate crisis. Always respecting the individual rhythm of each one, it encourages the indifferent - those whose take no initiative in the face of the climate crisis, whether due to inertia or lack of knowledge - to become an active part in the commitment to adopt sustainable practices for the planet. Its values ​​are Commitment, Inclusion, Transparency and Sustainability.   We're now focused on developing monthly activities (talks and workshops), starting this month of May 2021, creating a documentary and an exhibition. Documentary The documentary attempts to capture the reality of food waste in each of the phases of the supply chain, in Portugal, by interviewing experts and collecting imagery in situ. Exhibition The immersive exhibition that encourages the community to create commitments to sustainability (social, environmental and financial), while telling a story. For us, the immersivity arises from the appeal to the senses, not necessarily from any digital format.   Although Reboot is already well organized and it is past the simple idea phase in terms of events and workshops, we're in the conceptualization phase regarding the exhibition and documentary. The exhibition has the story and the space though out and the documentary is ready to be recorded, with all of it's ideas concepts and interviews already planned. The founders of the organization, as well as its structuring team, with very varied skills and experiences, collaborated for 5 years in the organization of events within the scope of TEDxULisboa. TEDxULisboa is the official TEDx experience at the University of Lisbon, the largest and most reputable university in Portugal.
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of sustainability and how these would be met
Our goal is to convey the message in an accessible and creative way to motivate the participation of young people in this theme. In this way, we are communicating in a visually appealing, simple and concrete way on our social networks. Based on a methodology called Design Thinking, we know that to bring about changes in behavior, it is necessary to use at least one of these values: Love, Glory and Money (savings). It is based on this knowledge that we make our communication, exhibition and documentary.In addition, with our monthly events we are encouraging participation by speaking through your passions and not just referring to the sustainability theme. Summary Create a clear, appellative and informative communication with two major target audiences: Those that are indifferent to the sustainability theme and are convinced only through "something else" and not the problem itself (e.g. UEFA sustainability campaign) Those who are interested in sustainability, even if not active towards solving it, i.e. active politically, in a group/organization Create a newtork of businesses, projects, ideas and people with our Slack Community to, above all else, inform and promote circularity between the participants. Create awareness to the food waste problem, in particular in Portugal, where vast amounts of food are thrown away in the supply chain. An immersive itinerant exhibition with five sustainability themes: materials, energy, nature, transport, aliment (MENTA). This exhibition is constructed based on the story of Sarder, a Bangladeshi boy, that becomes a climate refugee. He flees to Portugal and finds a whole new world working in the Costa Vicentina Greenhouses with other emmigrants. The contrast between his country and the European lifestyle is used as a motivation for introducing thought-provoking subjects within the exhibition, mimicking Sarder's questioning of our own realities and allowing us to introduce Social Sustainability as a topic of discussion
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of aesthetics and quality of experience beyond functionality and how these would be met
In terms of our two main communication campaigns we want to provide the following: Indifferents: We want to provide the idea that YOU can be sustainable through savings, that by being sustainable you'll gain status and all of this can be done with ease and by following the simple to read and look images we make and post on our social media. Interested: To show that the climate change problem is ONLY solvable if we develop a big network of interested people, a community. We provide posts and curated content (we called them "boletim") with more information, stats and graphs to give a profound knowledge of sustainability. We work in the sense of aesthetics as a mean to provide an educative experience, some colors reflect some specific themes and we will continue this trend throughout the documentary and exhibition. Our quality of experience relies on simple to the eye and scientific information, we have a mix of people from design, engineering and marketing on our team we're able to provide different perspectives. At the end of the document we'll provide some examples.
Please give information about the key objectives of your concept/idea in terms of inclusion and how these would be been met
Inclusion is one of the main values of Reboot, we think that the climate crisis cannot be solved by "pointing fingers", whereas including everyone and accepting they have different rhythms. Accepting this also comes with the notion that a different rhythm is not an excuse to do less, we're capable of different things so the challenges must be personalized and a sense of strong commitment has to be created. The latter is often the problem; with the desire to communicate sustainability in a simpler, more interactive and personal way we created a community (a slack platform) where more than 200 young people already share their doubts, motivations and fears in relation to sustainability as a whole - social, environmental and financial. Inclusion to Reboot also means to those who are often left away, in particular those who emigrate to Portugal looking for a more stable economical and social lifestyles, this is the case of refugees working on the tomato fields or greenhouses, they should have a saying in the portuguese food waste scenario and a part in telling this story. It should be noted that even though the organization is young, it also has the support of a network of Advisors, each with different areas of expertise (from sustainability to innovation, immersive user experience to curatorship and art), who believe in our project and support us in within the respective area of ​​operation. Two of our advisors are an active voice on the theme: a young activist, spokesperson for the Student Climate Strike Movement, among other movements, with more than 5000 followers only on Instagram - Bianca de Castro - and still - Catarina Barreiros - the most relevant Portuguese influencer on the theme of sustainability, with +75 thousand followers only on instagram as well.
Please explain the innovative character of your concept/ idea
Reboot has it's innovative profile from the fact that we use our communication in a sense of education for those who are non-adepts of sustainability, trying to reach them with simple and concrete call to action images. The fact that we have the first sustainability open community for those interested in the theme also builds stronger bonds for the active citizens who are fighting this problem. In particular, with our community we provide: Recipes from a zero-waste chef. A curated article, called "boletim", facing a specific sustainability theme and with proper scientific sources. Discounts for different portuguese sustainability brands. The possibility to debate in dedicated channel A newsletter with a overview of what has happened during the week Our greatest innovation is the fact that we want to create the first immersive sustainability exhibition ever! We also believe that the "immersiveness" does not come from the integration of digital aspects but to the though out process of how to conduct a story from a Design Thinking perspective, where our story focus on values that we all share: Glory, Love and Money. Although we want an end-result of a mass reduction of greenhouse gases we only change mentalities through another vision.
Please detail the plans you have for the further development, promotion and/or implementation of your concept/idea, with a particular attention to the initiatives to be taken before May 2022
Our future plans consist on the execution of our different events during the year and a clear definition on how we can use our communication to reach to those who are almost "unreachable". To summarize our development before May 2022 will be: Execute all our events until December 2021 Talks: May - (Re)Think the Future of Tourism: This is an event that is going to integrate the Greenfest festival, the biggest Sustainability festival in Portugal, and it will be focused on showing how tourism can be eco and it does not need to be for the "masses". July - Role of Influencers: The preparation of the event starts two months before with the selection of invited speakers; after assigning this position, a 3-week curatorship is held to prepare the speakers, improving the quality of the talk. Two months earlier, the venue for the event is also selected, in order to be adaptable to the format we have envisioned. November - Circular 2021: This will be a big event in partnership with the University of Lisbon on what has been done in 2021 for us to reach closer to circular economy.   Workshops: June - Bike Repair: Do you know how to repair your own bicycle? Our workshop pretends to be a short lesson on this. September - Urban Gardens: This event is for those who want to know how create gardens in their municipalities. December - Zero waste Christmas Dinner: This is an event that wants to show how a traditional portuguese dinner can be zero waste. A maximum of 2 months before the space and possible partners are selected to facilitate and provide the necessary training for each event. The logistics of these events require 1 month of preparation, so the team focuses on this in advance.   End the story mock-up of our exhibition Enrich our Slack community with more offers and more people Create strong partnerships with portuguese companies Create strong bonds with the European Commission as climate pact ambassadors
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